Your Photographer

Photographs have always been such an important part of my family history. Being able to see the hand-painted images of my grandparents wedding day, to hold the black and white pictures that were once held by my ancestors depicting family picnics, special Sunday outings and even photos of war have so much more meaning than an image that sits on a disc gaining dust in a drawer. Through Bass Photography I am passionate about creating the same memories for my clients, irrespective of their individuality and family dynamics, providing images to be shared both now and with future generations. I also aim to bring a bit of magic to each session providing fun and high energy sessions for all.

I have spent the last decade working with children and young adults as an early childhood educator and disability support worker assisting families one on one with their educational and developmental and self care needs. As a photographer I bring my previous experiences and skills to each session I capture. Having developed a variety of communication methods and extensive understanding of child development, I am able to establish a rapport and trust with my clients enabling the true personalities of clients to shine through during their session. 

Through my business I focus on providing my clients with beautiful wall art, mounted prints and finely crafted albums for you to proudly display within the family home and share with future generations. I capture images that 'tell your story', embrace the emotion of the moment and create a lasting and enjoyable experience for all; this storytelling approach ensures beautiful natural images highlighting the true personality of my clients during each and every session.

Furthermore I provide a service that fosters a long term relationship providing you with a photographer for all occasions, be it your wedding day, maternity images, newborn or family events. I look forward to getting to know you further and capturing your story. 

- Tami